National Network of Buddhist Youth
It’s a youth organization, started by youth and belonging to youth. It is a network of young people who connect with each other in meaningful and creative ways. Through networking ones own available resources, it’s members support each other and the society around. It is based on the principle of mutual giving. Most of the people involved in this network are coming from the deprived communities who are in great need of intellectual and material resources.

NNBY Vision

A society where every individual enjoys liberty, treats his fellow citizens as equal and with loving kindness.

NNBY Mission

To educate and train the young generation of India-

  • To help realize their innate potential and creativity.
  • To train cadre who could mobilize and network human and material resources.
  • To liberate Indian society from all discriminative practices such as caste and gender.
  • To reach out to their fellow citizens who are deprived of intellectual & material resources and opportunities.

NNBY Values

Committed to-

  • Responding to humanity through loving kindness and compassion.
  • Team work and supporting each other’s growth.
  • Truthfulness and transparency.
  • Open handed generosity.
  • Keep transforming our views and attitudes until we reach to the ultimate truth.
  • Shakyamuni Buddha, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and such great beings who gave their whole lives to liberate humanity are our ideals.

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